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Helping businesses grow in every corner of the globe

FEE FREE accounts payable & receivable
FEE FREE collections & disbursements
5% APY
Fully optimized liquidity management to facilitate instant settlement
Accept digital assets or crypto as payment
Seamless integration into your tech stack

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How to set up & fund your wallet
Via debit card or bank transfer. Contact us today to onboard at
What is Datamynt
Data Mynt is not a bank. We're a banking alternative that helps businesses grow in all corners of the world.
Pay your vendors, partners, employees or customers.

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5% APY

Datamynt Business Debit Card

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Cost center no more!

Turning your business banking and payments into a revenue generator

Integrate our payment widget
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Start accepting crypto payment from customers

Cut cross-border transaction
costs to 0%

Data Mynt

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Best United States Based Fintech Firms Founded in 2020 & 2021

We needed help to pay one of our remote employees regularly. Data Mynt came through to make the set up quick and simple. Now our weekly payroll earns a safe & solid return while our team members are well taken care of!

Thanks Data Mynt!

Banking is necessary. Banks are not