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Data Mynt Payment Processing Platform Now Supports Bitcoin Payments


DataMynt TeamApril 05, 2022
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Source EIN Presswire

Data Mynt merchants, partners and their customers can now engage in transactions using the world’s first and best-known decentralized digital currency.

OAKLAND, CA, US, April 5, 2022 -- Data Mynt, a leading provider of simple, stable cryptocurrency payment products, now enables payments over the Bitcoin network, which already supports roughly 225,000 transactions per day and $30 billion USD dollar equivalent volume per day worldwide (as of publishing).

“25% of Americans own BTC and countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Israel, India, Mexico, and South Africa have higher adoption. Our merchants feel good knowing they offer BTC owners this payment option.” — Alex Christian, Data Mynt CEO

Data Mynt merchants and partners join the 15,000 retailers that accept Bitcoin today, making it the world’s most widely used digital asset for payments. Retailers include Twitter, Home Depot, Whole Foods and Overstock.com.

The Data Mynt payment processing solution enables merchants and enterprises to expand their payment options for their customers and partners. At the same time, it reduces payment processing costs and eliminates frictions such as chargebacks and crypto price volatility.

“As a payment processor, it only makes sense for us to enable our merchants and partners to accept what the world already accepts—the biggest cryptocurrency,” noted Data Mynt CEO Alex Christian. Almost one-quarter of the US population owns Bitcoin. Many other countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, UAE, Singapore, Israel, India, Mexico, and South Africa have even higher adoption rates. Data Mynt merchants can feel good knowing they offer these Bitcoin owners another payment option.

About DataMynt

Data Mynt is a crypto payment processor based in Oakland, California. Its wallet, asset and blockchain-agnostic solutions offer partners and merchants an omnichannel approach to accepting crypto payments free from volatility and the risks and costs of traditional payment methods. The Data Mynt payment platform is also designed to streamline implementation via API, branded web page, iFrame and merchant app, while consistently delivering a seamless customer experience. DataMynt.com

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